Sports General Manager Education Requirements

Sports general managers are usually in charge of the basic scheduling and organization of their clients. Sports general managers are hired by both sports teams and individual sportspersons to see that all things, especially those off the field, are going on smoothly. The job involves projecting a good image of the team or the athlete before the public, being an intermediary between the players and the team owners and ensuring that the correct coaching staff is hired for every position.

Unlike a sports agent, a sports general manager doesn’t focus on the contracts for his clients. Instead they ensure that the player or team is getting the best training to peak their performance.

Sports General Manager Education Requirements

  • The begin a career as a sports general manager, one has to earn a degree in sports management. For this degree the candidate has to complete 36 hours of coursework having a focus on marketing and management classes.
  • The candidate has to take up elective courses in which he would have to select what they take for filling out a sports management degree curriculum.
  • For those opting for an MBA degree in sports management, they’ll need a bachelor’s degree in preferably business, marketing or communication.
  • Those who have majored in broadcasting or journalism can apply for an MBA in sports management.
  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills is the key for the job.

Sports General Manager Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A master’s degree in statistics is the basic requirement for entering the career of a sports statistician. Other certifications that could be helpful are as follows:

  • Certificate in Athlete Management
  • Diploma in Game Operations
  • Short-term Diploma in Mixed Martial Arts Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Motor Sports Management
  • Certificate in Football Management and Scouting
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communications.

Sports General Manager Qualifications and Training

Many sports managers have to begin their career via an internship with an organization and then have to work the way up to become a sports general manager. Experience within the sport is of big help as several former athletes and players go on to become successful managers after retirement.

There are some institutions that offer management internship with sports teams after completion of classroom curriculum.

Sports General Manager Colleges and Universities

Sports General Manager Wages and Salary

The average annual salary for sports general managers usually range from $45,000 to $57,000. Entry level salaries are a tad lower.

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