Sports Commentator Education Requirements

Those who love sports and possess excellent verbal communication skills can contemplate a career as a sports commentator. These professionals announce sporting events over the radio, television and even the internet. They describe the action taking place before them and also give their viewpoints on the game. Those intending to take up such a job must be fantastic is speaking as also have the ability to think deep into the game.

Sports commentary is a lucrative profession. Commentators enjoy almost a celebrity status among sports enthusiasts. They are often invited to glamour events. But the industry is highly competitive and one has to work hard to survive in it.

Sports Commentator Education Requirements

  • To become a sports commentator, one must have some work experience. Many people kick start their career as a broadcast journalist. A four-year bachelor’s degree in mass communication or journalism would be the ideal background.
  • A strong knowledge about sports and constantly improving it with the knowledge of sports teams, their players, and performance statistics is vital to excel in this role.
  • Many commentators often work as a sports reporter. They research and write variety of articles for media houses. They often work behind the scenes as part of the sports program or broadcast team.
  • Retired and veteran sportsperson often take to sports commentary. They usually become popular faster because they are already known to the audience.

Sports Commentator Degrees, Courses and Certifications

Sports commentators are usually required the following degrees and qualifications to further their career:

  • Master’s Degree in Journalism
  • Diploma in Mass Communication
  • Certificate in Broadcast Journalism
  • Advanced Diploma in Sports Journalism

Sports Commentator Qualifications and Training

Various colleges and universities have community radio stations. An aspiring sports commentator can get the requisite experience by giving commentary on college sports events like football, basketball etc. There’s usually no formal academic training specializing on sports commentary.

Those having a natural ability to speak fluently, sans any ambiguity, can take up a sports commentator’s job. It, however, must be backed by a thorough analytical mind.

Sports Commentator Colleges and Universities

Sports Commentator Wages and Salary

The average salary of sports commentators is around $24,000 per year. However, most top commentators are engaged on contract basis with their respective broadcasters. Many of them draw salaries in six figures. Yet others only work for an honorarium or free because of it all being a hobby.

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