Sports and Exercise Psychologist Education and Job Requirements

Sports and Exercise Psychologist Requirements

The role of a sports and exercise psychologist in grooming and preparing a sportsperson and a team is of extreme importance. The sports and exercise psychologist has the responsibility of imparting mental strength to the sportspersons by studying their behavior. He/she also focuses on increasing the performance quality of the sportsperson. The sports that are team games, like football, hockey, basketball etc need sports and exercise psychologist for establishing and maintaining cohesiveness within the members of the team. The players from both amateur and professional levels are benefitted by the service imparted by the sports and exercise psychologist.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school degree in any stream with decent grades is a must.
  • An undergraduate degree in sports and exercise psychology from a reputed college with good grades is mandatory.
  • A graduate degree in sports psychology from a good university would be an added advantage for the candidate’s profile. \
  • Certified training in sports and exercise psychology from accredited institute is a big plus.

Job Requirements:

  • Designing and implementing exercise regimes and mental training sessions for the sportspersons.
  • Keeping a tab on the progress of the player and athlete.
  • Evaluating the mental strength of the individual athletes and assessing their performance quality.
  • The interested applicant must possess ample expertise in formulating optimized strategies in increasing the mental toughness of the whole team.
  • He/she must focus on the team cohesion.
  • Should be able to motivate the players when they have lost a match or during the period of off-form.

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