Speech Therapist Education Requirements

A speech therapist is an individual who is trained and educated to treat people who have speech related problems that may hinder their capability to communicate with others. The job of a speech therapist involves evaluating people and providing them with the treatment that will help a person to speak clearly and fluently.

There are many educational requirements for a person who wishes to become a speech therapist and the most basic requirement is to have a master’s degree in speech language pathology. The following is detailed information on the same.

Speech Therapist Education Requirements

  • A person who is interested in becoming a speech therapist is required to attain a post graduate degree in Speech-Language Pathology or SLP from an accredited university or college. It may take two years to get a masters degree and this includes upto 400 hours of supervised clinical experience as well.
  • One may also go on to get a doctorate in the same subject, but this is not a compulsory requirement.

Speech Therapist Degrees, Courses And Certifications

There are several courses and certifications which too may be required from an individual who wish to become a speech therapist, apart from the formal education requirements. The following are a few of them.

  • After a master’s degree in SLP, which is the minimum requirement to become a speech therapist, a person may also have to gain a licensure to practice this profession either independently or as an employee of a hospital or medical facility.
  • The certificate of clinical competence in SLP is often asked for by many employers from the individuals who wish to work a speech therapist.

Speech Therapist Qualifications and Training

There are many schools and colleges which may provide a student of SLP with clinical experience as they are tied up with clinics and health care facilities. This helps students in working with children and other patients in the area of speech therapy, communication and also development of language etc. This is very important as it makes one competent enough to practice this profession formally.

Speech Therapist Colleges and Universities

Speech Therapist Wages and Salaries

The average median salary of a person working as a speech therapist is around $86000. This salary may vary depending upon various factors like type of set up where a candidate is employed, experience, qualifications, skills and education of the candidate and may vary from one therapist to another.

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