Sonogram Technician Education Requirements

A sonogram technician is someone who uses the sonography machine to send high frequency sound waves into a person’s body to take pictures of various internal organs which is very important in determining if a person is suffering from any illness or not. They are also called eco technicians or sonographers and they should have knowledge of the human anatomy as well as how to operate and maintain such equipment.

They must take the right images and create a report which the patient takes to the doctor who will give him any further advice on his illness, if any. The education requirements for this job is such that he should get both theoretical and practical knowledge to be able to perform the duties associated with this field correctly and usually an associate’s degree is enough for the job.

Sonogram Technician Education Requirements:

  • A sonogram technician must have an interest in biology and the human anatomy and take subjects related to that at the high school level
  • In order to get more detailed knowledge in this field, he needs to get an associate’s degree on how to be a sonogram technician which will give him more expertise on the human body and the equipment required for this job
  • The courses in this field focus on areas like medical terms, anatomy, biology, physics, pathology and physiology
  • He also taught how to assess a patient and his case, medical ethics and patient confidentiality

Sonogram Technician Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a sonogram technician can choose to study the following courses:

  • Associate’s degree in Ultrasound Technology
  • Diploma in Ultrasound Technology
  • Associate’s degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Bachelor’s degree in Ultrasound Technology

Sonogram Technician Qualification and Training:

A sonogram technician must get his training on the human anatomy and operation of the medical equipment and the various technicalities associated with the sonogram equipment used to perform sonography. Those who seek to exceed their knowledge opt for specialization in areas like obstetrics, neurosonology, cardiology and abdominal ultrasound etc. If you already have experience in working in the field of healthcare, you can do a 1-year course on how to be a sonogram technician. One can also opt for certification the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Sonogram Technician Colleges and Universities:

Sonogram Technician Wages and Salaries:

A sonogram technician earns an annual salary of $63,000 which varies depending on which state he is and what is his area of specialization.

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