Sommelier Education Requirements

A sommelier is a professional who tastes wine. But there is more to it. A sommelier is responsible in delivering wine services and also trains the other staffs in the restaurant. He/she suggests the wine which will best compliment the food item to the diners.

A sommelier is a professional who should have a deep knowledge in wine as well as food and how it compliments each other. He/she makes the wine list and tastes the wine and also maintains the budget parameter.

Today the job of a sommelier professional is more than just to taste wine. They see the other aspects of the restaurant also like cocktails, soft-drinks, beers, as well as tobaccos.

Sommelier Education Requirements

  • A candidate who wants to be a sommelier professional does not need a proper education on it as such. But there are course available.
  • A candidate can do undergraduate as well as master courses if he/she wants to be a professional.
  • A candidate can also do special courses in wine sommeliers as well as cellar or wine managers or as a chef.

Sommelier Degrees, Courses and Certification

Though proper education is not required, a candidate can do these few courses mentioned below if he/she wants to become a sommelier professional.

  • Master in sommelier diploma, advanced sommelier certified course, certified sommelier certificate and introductory courses etc are available.
  • A candidate can also do courses in wines and spirits.
  • Diploma programs are good for this profession where there are different levels like certified wine sommelier; wine merchant, chef of wine arts, wine manager, cell manager etc are available.
  • A candidate if interested can also do advanced and intensive courses in sommelier.

Sommelier Qualification and Training

To be a sommelier professional, the candidate must go through the training. One most important thing is that the candidate must have natural inclination to be a sommelier as a forced one can never be successful in this field.

For training a sommelier must join a restaurant in order to understand the full responsible of a sommelier professional. Once an expert, the candidate can get a job in small as well as big restaurants.

Sommelier Colleges and Universities

Sommelier Wages and Salary

As a beginner a sommelier can earn $28,000 and after experience he/she can earn up to $160,000. Once an expert he/she can also start a business of their own. The salary of the professional also depends on the type of organization he works for.

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