Soil Scientist Education and Job Requirements

Soil Scientist Requirements

A soil scientist’s job includes facets of several subjects, from biology to information technology. The post involves, primarily, a thorough study of the nature of a soil in a locality. Good knowledge of geosciences is very important for this job. A soil scientist tries to qualitatively ascertain the dynamism of a particular soil sample by thoroughly studying the empirical evidences obtained from an extensive survey of the soil. Knowing the elements of soil taxonomy is crucial in this regards. The following points below would reveal more in regards to the education and job requirements for this specific job.

Education requirements:

  • A bachelors’ degree in geosciences with first class honors.
  • A master’s degree in geosciences with a first class degree.
  • A diploma in soil related research training is sought.

Job requirements:

  • An inquisitive and analytical bend of mind aiming to do thorough research using scientific tools and research software on the texture and nature of soil, effect of various factors (such as weathering) on it and its feasibility as an agricultural input.
  • The candidates must document their findings on a regular basis and extensively review the results when required.
  • A knack on surveying the field and taking soil samples and working in a team.

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