Social Political Research Analyst Education and Job Requirements

Social Political Research Analyst Requirements

A social political research analyst job is engaged in observing and commenting upon the trends that have emerged from contemporary socio-political developments in the world. He is an analyst with the requisite skills in the field of his choice. A social political analyst can offer his expertise in a wide variety of job profiles like in a television news studio or in a university post. Hence, it is a lucrative option for those with the interest and enthusiasm in this discipline.

Education Requirements:

  • The education requirements of a social political research analyst include the possession of a degree in history or sociology or political science at the graduate and post graduate levels. A doctorate in the subject is also mandatory in certain circumstances.
  • A socio-political research analyst is also required to have presented papers on the subject in notable journals or authored books and compilations for increased credibility.
  • He or she must also have a good deal of work experience in the field, including a professorship or a research analyst in the print or television media.

Job Requirements:

  • A socio-political research analyst must present his views based on corroborating evidence. He must present his points clearly and lucidly.
  • Such a profession also demands a great deal of awareness about the current socio-political affairs around the world. A social political research analyst must keep himself updated and informed.

These are some of the criteria which contribute to the success of a competent social political research analyst.

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