Ski Lift Operator Education and Job Requirements

Ski Lift Operator Requirements

A ski lift operator is an individual who operate in the field of skiing and their job function includes working with ski lifts and also giving training to individuals interested in the snowboarding or skiing.  The job of ski lift operator is usually seasonal as they work during winter months, when it snows.

Educational Requirements:

  • Though there are no specific educational requirements for a person to be a ski lift operator but an individual with high school degree will be preferred over others.
  • Any degree, diploma or course in ski lift operation will be an added advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • A ski lift operator needs to be physically fit as he is involved in sporting activity.
  • He also needs to possess good communication skill, as he has to be clear when he is giving instructions as a skiing or a snowboarding instructor.
  • He needs to be aware all the safety procedures so that no one gets hurt while skiing, snowboarding, or using a ski lift.
  • He has to have complete knowledge about operations of a ski lift as he has to start it and also stop a moving ski lift.
  • He must have good interpersonal skills and must keep checking the operations of the ski lift from time to time.


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