Shoe Designer Education and Job Requirements

Shoe Designer Requirements

As the name suggests, shoe designers design and make footwear. They conceptualize the design of various types of shoes for footwear companies. They create technical illustrations as well as the image of the final product to explain and communicate the idea with the production department. They may also experiment with fabrics, patterns, materials to create new looks and designs. They can make special footwear for a target audience with their knowledge of production and the technical aspects.

Education Requirement:

  • No formal training is required to be a shoe designer. As a shoe designer, the most important pre requisite is demonstration of artistic skills in footwear design.
  • An associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in designing is helpful to secure an employment position as a shoe designer.
  • A master’s degree in designing may also prove fruitful, although it is not necessary.

Job Requirement:

  • For the production department, the designer would have to illustrate the technical designs of footwear for approval. For that, the designer must have good artistic skills and should be able to draw and sketch well.
  • The person should have good manual dexterity as it involves the usage of both the hands.
  • He or she should also have a flair for fashion and should be able to anticipate the upcoming trends in footwear fashion.
  • Creativity, imagination and good communication skills are also instrumental to acquire success as a shoe designer.

Therefore, a shoe designer must fulfil the above given requirements to have a successful, noticeable and creative career.

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