Shipper Education and Job Requirements

Shipper Requirements

A shipper is an individual who ensures that the shipment of goods is done accurately and promptly. He also needs to check for damages in the incoming packages. The individual should have complete knowledge about techniques and procedures in the field of shipping.

Educational Requirements:

  • Though there is no specific educational qualification that is necessary for the post of a shipper but the individual should be at least a high school pass out.
  • Any additional degree like bachelors or higher one will work as an added advantage.
  • Any additional degree or diploma related to the shipping filed will work in his favor.

Job Requirements:

  • A shipper should have complete knowledge about the policies and procedures in the shipping industry.
  • A shipper should also have good accounting skills as he may have to prepare bills and shipping documents.
  • He should have good managerial skills as he has to manage crew members of the ship.
  • A shipper should also have good analytical skills as he has to decide the most cost effective route of shipment.
  • He should have knowledge of tackling the ship in case of natural calamities.
  • He should be well aware about the latest technologies and improvements in the shipping sector.

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