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A ship security officer, as the name suggests, is a professional who is responsible for security arrangements and management on the ship. Since the job is quite critical and unique, hence it requires candidates with special academic background and appropriate training. The candidates who look forward to become a ship security officer must be physically very fit, enduring, committed and allegiant.

These candidates are responsible for maintaining ship security plans, for developing and implementing security plans for controlling the access to the vessel. So, the education programs for these candidates must include course material and training to cover all these aspects of their job. Their education must focus on developing all round professionals who can take care of the ship security effectively and efficiently.

Ship security Education Requirements:

  • The candidates aspiring to become a ship security officer must pass their high school with science as the major subject and that too with high grades.
  • These candidates are then required to enroll for the education programs specializing in maritime engineering and security.
  • These candidates must be physically strong and should meet all the physical and mental requisites for a ship security officer.

Ship security Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

To be able to qualify as a ship security officer, a candidate must satisfy following academic and credential requirements:

  • High school education
  • Graduate’s degree in mathematics, engineering, marine engineering or any other closely associated stream
  • Master’s degree in mathematics, engineering, marine engineering or any other closely associated stream
  • Short term diploma level courses based on security, technologies used in security and physical skills development can also be helpful for these individuals.

Ship security Education Qualification and Training:

These individuals require hard core training to get prepared for the job and the challenges involved in the job. Hence for the maritime students, this kind of internship training is mandatory and is organized by their educational institutions. The candidates are required to develop skills like concentration, focus and dedication towards their job, as their job requires high level steadfastness.

These candidates are also required to adapt well in a team and possess qualities like team-work, as they have to work with a team of specialists and engineers.

Ship security Education Colleges and Universities:

Ship security Education Wages and Salaries:

A ship security officer earns a very handsome salary and added advantages. The remuneration for these candidates ranges from $45,000 – $1, 75,000 on yearly basis.

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