Set Designer Education Requirements

A set designer’s work is to plan and design the scenery used for the purpose of film, theatre, music concert’s production etc. To coordinate all the necessary things on a set designing plan, one should have proper knowledge about all the aspects that are needed to be taken into consideration. This could only be achieved through vocational courses, on-job trainings and hands on experiences. However, to understand all these and to become a successful set designer, the aspirant should possess a minimum degree of graduation. A basic and formal education would help to grasp the necessary knowledge faster and would help to design sets according to the requirement.

Set Designer Education Requirement

  • A minimum degree of graduation in any discipline is required to understand the requirement of a set effectively.
  • Vocational courses on interior designing and architecture could also give a competitive edge for the candidate. Even diploma courses on production design or set design helps a candidate to acquire formal education on the field which in turn helps in proper functioning.
  • Knowledge required for this kind of jobs could be the best acquired through on-job training programs or on assisting as a production designer. This could help to deliver a proper set designing plan by taking into consideration all the aspects required.

Set Designer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

A set designer must possess the following degrees and certification that are necessary for the job position.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Any discipline
  • Diploma in Production Design or Set Design or Interior design
  • Vocational Courses on Interior Designing and Architecture
  • Certification as a trainee or intern who assisted a professional set designer.

Set Designer Qualifications and Trainings

To become a professional and expert set designer, added qualifications are also required apart from formal courses and certifications. This could be achieved through extensive training programs on set designing or production design. These hands-on training experiences help an individual in career progression in this field.

Set Designer Colleges and Universities

Set Designer Wages and Salary

Depending on the proficiency and the field of expertise of a set designer, the wages or salary is being fixed. However, it generally ranges between $18,000- $25,000 per annum.

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