Senior Web Developer Education Requirements

A senior web developer is responsible for not just developing a website, but also for maintaining it, supervising the design of the website and building complex websites that use whole lot scripts and programming languages. Usually a senior web developer works along with web designers, web developers, network administrators and webmasters.

Most employers require senior web developers to have a college degree and five or more years of experience in web development. People who want to work as senior web developers can attend college, university or trade school to get a degree in web development which will also give them the necessary skills and training.

Senior Web Developer Education Requirements

To become a senior web developer, the following are the education requirements:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction
  • Master’s degree in Information Technology

Senior Web Developer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

To become a senior web developer, a person would require the following degrees, courses and certifications:

  • BS in IT – Web Development
  • BS in Information Technology – Web Development Technology
  • BS in Web Design and Development
  • Bachelor of Web Development
  • Bachelor of Computer Science – Computer Science
  • AS in Web Development
  • AA in Information Technology – Web Design
  • AA in Information Systems
  • AAS in Information Technology
  • AAS in Computer Programming
  • Master of Information Technology
  • MS in Information Technology – Software Engineering Management Concentration
  • Master of Science in Information Technology
  • Doctor of Management – Info Systems and Technology
  • Certificate in Information Systems Security

Senior Web Developer Qualifications and Training

Besides a college or university degree, a senior web develop also has to be familiar with technical aspects related to the Internet, network technologies, know a variety of programming languages, be able to multitask, manage a team, be good in communications, have outstanding problem solving skills and have good written and spoken communication abilities.

To be a senior web developer, a person needs a minimum of five years of experience in web development and as the person is already qualified, no training is imparted to the person. However, the person would have to constantly be aware of all changes and development taking place in the world of web development and hence, self-training is what is required.

Senior Web Developer Colleges and Universities

Senior Web Developer Wages and Salary

The average salary for a senior web developer is about $75,000 per year. However, with more responsibility and experience, the person can earn much more.

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