Senior Nurse’s Education and Job Requirements

Senior Nurse’s Requirements

A senior nurse is a person who is responsible for not only the well being of the patients but also has the additional responsibility for supervising the actions of the junior nurse.  A senior nurse has a supervisory as well as educational role to play where she must educate and train the juniors about their duties and handle emergencies in the absence of a doctor. No wonder its very responsible position and candidates applying for this position will be judged more on the basis of their experience and education.

Senior Nurse’s Education and Job Requirements

  • Candidate should have a masters or bachelors degree from any approved school of nursing
  • Candidates should have a registration number under the federal law
  • Candidates should have at least 3-5 years of working experience in any well known and recognized health care unit of the state.

Senior Nurse’s Job Requirements:

  • Candidates applying for the position of a senior nurse should have exceptional organizing skills and should be well experienced to lead a team of junior nurses.
  • Candidate should have decision making abilities, because in critical situations her decisions will play very important role.
  • Candidate should be able to resolve conflicts and main peace and decorum in the hospital premises.

The position of a senior nurse is a very important one that requires great deal of personality and experience in order to successfully complete all the duties entrusted to the person.

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