Security Specialist Education and Job Requirements

Security Specialist Requirements

A security specialist has huge responsibilities to shoulder as he/she guards tangible and intangible property of a particular organization or a person. The entity to be protected can also be people (like diplomats and ministers) or an area or a zone during a special occasion. Rendering security services to monetary assets and valuable documents is very common. A security specialist works either for a private organization/person or a public entity. The following points would reflect more about the education and job requirements for the post.

Education Requirements:

  • A pass in high school with decent grades.
  • A graduate degree from an accredited university in any stream.
  • Certified training in security related courses/cadet training is compulsory.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum experience of at least a year in a reputed organization.
  • Should be extremely alert during the duty hours.
  • Must be watchful and be watchful at the time of, if needed, patrolling.
  • Must be knowledgeable to an extent about the importance of the property which he/she is guarding.
  • Should be aware of the nature of the probable threats.
  • Must have expertise in applications of fire arms.
  • Should have excellent coordinating skills to gel with the fellow employees.

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