Security Analyst’s Education and Job Requirements

Security Analyst’s Requirements

In recent times the threat to an organizations security has increased by many times. Today it’s not enough to employee a security supervisor. So organizations are increasingly hiring security analysts who can study the security system of the company, and identify security loopholes and possible measures to mend them. It’s very apparent that the job of a security analyst is very crucial for the security of the company and the candidate should be very diligent and responsible in order to handle such a position.

Security Analyst’s  Educational Requirements:

  • Candidate should have master’s degree in computer science from one of the reputed colleges with first class marks.
  • Candidate should have working knowledge of mainframe computers and computer networks
  • Candidate should have a minimum of 2 years of working experience as a security Analyst

Security Analyst’s Job Requirements:

  • Applicant should have an alert mindset and an eye for detail, because small loopholes are often regarded as the gateway of bigger problems
  • Applicant should have strong analyzing skills and the ability to think like a professional
  • Applicant should have strong communication skills, so that he can explain his subordinates and all the member of his team different ways of enhancing the security framework of the company.

The job of a security analyst is very rewarding and offers good compensation, but calls for heavy mental labor and weird schedules. If a candidate is willing to put up with these drawbacks then he can build a very successful career for himself in this domain.

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