Seaman Education and Job Requirements

Seaman Requirements

Seaman is one of the important members in deck department in a ship. Seaman is an unlicensed member of the ship.  He operates assigned jobs on the deck.  He can be a day worker, maintainer of ship, sentry, including other duties.  This person is responsible for performing life saving equipments, damage apparatus and helmsman works.  A ship can have a number of seamen. The process of hiring a seaman is not difficult. Given factors will help you to simplify it:

Seaman Education Requirements:

  • An able seaman should be trained from a certified institution; minimum of a year is required.
  • Contender with training of deck of 18 months is preferred.
  • Applicant is with OSV training of six months is preferred.

Seaman Job Requirements:

  • Interested candidate should be aware of all the apparatus and life saving equipments and should be able to use them at right time.
  • Candidate with the knowledge of natural terms and sea terms is required.
  • Contender must be capable of handling mechanical repair and technical features of apparatus.
  • A candidate who has the knowledge of operations to be performed and who understands the readings of digital apparatus is preferred.
  • Candidate should be aware of principles of hitches, bends, knots and compass is required.

Thus the above are the given requirements for a person to be a seaman.

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