Science Teacher Education Requirements

A Teacher is the person who gives students the necessary growth in the elementary years of his growth and is responsible for developing their mind in the right direction. As most of the career options these days need science as the basis of education, so the role of a science teacher becomes very vital for the students. Hence, a science teacher education must concentrate on giving him the right set of knowledge along with an attitude to handle the students in a very good manner.

A science teacher’s primary focus should always be on developing the subject knowledge and along with this he should also focus on understanding a child’s phycology and the methods which he will use to impart the knowledge to his students. A science teacher should work on developing innovative teaching methods to create an interest level of the students in science related subjects.

Science Teacher Education Requirements:

  • Completion of high school diploma with science stream.
  • Graduation should be done with science subjects along with education as the major subject in the degree.
  • The diplomas and certifications to develop the teaching attitude and giving an understanding of students mind frame are very useful for a science teacher education.

Science Teacher Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

To become a science teacher, a candidate must attain following degrees and certifications:

  • High school degree passed with excellent marks in science stream.
  • Bachelor’s degree in science stream
  • Masters Degree in science stream
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and Teacher’s certification program.


Science Teacher Qualification and Training:

To become a good teacher many other qualities are required apart from these formal science teacher education programs. A teacher carries a great responsibility of shaping the future of students, so to fulfill this responsibility successfully a science teacher needs to understand the psychology of a student. One should always develop some innovative teaching methodologies which make the study material interesting for the students.

For this a science teacher should have very good communication skills, effective oral communication skills, right attitude, patience and should be very sincere towards his job.

Science Teacher Colleges and Universities:

Science Teacher Wages and Salaries:

Since there are too many schools these days, so demand for science teachers is also growing. A science teacher can make an average income of $25,000 – $ 60,000 in a year depending on the experience, subject knowledge and understanding of student’s requirements & expectations from a teacher.

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