School Superintendent Education Requirements

A school superintendent is the district level head of the schooling system. School principals are answerable to the school superintendents. Within the geographical area, superintendents have to supervise the students, the public schools and services related to educations.

They also evaluate principals, administrative staff in the district, and make sure that they function in accordance with the state law. The efficiency or lack of it, the success rate of students or the lack of it depends on the actions of the school superintendents as they look after the schooling system in the district. A school superintendent should have strong morals and a continued belief that students can learn, that students can do better with better educational services.

School Superintendent Educational Requirements:

  • Both a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree are required to become a school superintendent. A master’s degree is the minimum education requirement to qualify for a certificate of a school superintendent. Most states, however, usually prefer a candidate who has a doctoral degree.
  • One must also hold a valid school superintendent license issued by the state he is working in. To qualify for the license, besides the master’s degree, one must also have interned under a licensed school superintendent.

School Superintendent Degrees, Courses, and Certificates:

  • High School Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree- Education; or one can obtain a bachelor’s degree in any subject and then enrol oneself in an after degree program in education to teach the subject of his or her choice.
  • Master’s Degree- School Administration
  • Doctoral Degree in fields related to Education (not mandatory, only preferred)

School Superintendent Qualifications and Training:

  • A school superintendent will be trained in evaluating various factors of schooling, like principals, faculty and administrative staff, facilities, etc.
  • In their bachelor’s degree in education, they will be trained in educational psychology, counselling, social justice, instructional technology, leadership, special education and assessment.
  • In Master’s, one will be trained in the educational structure of the country, the administrative duties and powers, strategic planning, political analysis, problem solving, leadership skill administration, instructional leadership, etc. The candidates are trained to become leaders of schools and the education system.

School Superintendent Colleges and Universities:

School Superintendent Wages and Salaries:

The average salary of a school superintendent is $125,000 per annum. Salaries range from $90,000 to $197,000. The post of a school superintendent is a powerful one, but also hectic. You will enjoy various benefits like health benefits, paid time off, etc.

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