School Nurse Education and Job Requirements

School Nurse Requirements

School Nurse Education and Job Requirements give a clear idea about the kind of qualifications and skills that are needed to be a school nurse. Earlier, the role of a school nurse was limited and restricted, but now it has grown and reached beyond basic care. The job of a school nurse is to look after the health of the students by conducting tests and health checkups. They are assigned in schools on permanent basis to provide for the medical care of its students. For this there are certain attributes that need to be fulfilled by them. This article explains clearly the expectations from a school nurse.

Education Qualifications:

  • The first basic qualification needed is a high school passing certificate with good grades in Science and Maths.
  • The candidate must compulsorily have a Registered Nurse (RN) certificate obtained from a state where the job is sought.
  • A bachelor’s degree in nursing and care is the other qualification needed to be able to apply for the post of a school nurse.
  • Experience in the field of nursing for about 1-2 years is always an added advantage and is a point which shall be preferred by the employers.

Job requirements:

  • The candidates must be equipped with exceptional organisation skills along with an experience to lead a group of junior nurses.
  • They must have decision taking abilities because this is what will be required in critical situations.
  • They must be soft hearted but stern at the same time to keep students disciplined and well organised during the test procedures.

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