School Maintenance Education Requirements

A school is a place that needs proper and regular maintenance for the smooth functioning of the school and for the convenience of the students as well as the authorities. Thus a school needs a trained and skilled professional who can look after the work of school maintenance. Any such professional is called school maintenance executive or incharge and is an employee who works to ensure the hurdle free working of a school.

He/she is appointed to look after repair and installation work as far as electronic and electrical equipments are concerned. He/she is also responsible for the cleanliness of the school along with construction works and tasks such as plumbing, electrical wiring, heating and cooling systems, technical work such as computer troubleshooting etc. Any person who has the required educational and other skill based qualifications to maintain a school and its compound can apply for the job of a school maintenance executive.

School maintenance education requirements:

The following are the requirements one needs to fulfil:

  • He/she must have the school level education from a recognised school.
  • A bachelor’s degree is not required but a diploma course in maintenance works etc is generally preferred by many schools.
  • Knowledge of maintenance of school grounds, sports complex, pool upkeep, building maintenance etc is considered as a plus point for anyone interested in becoming a school maintenance executive.

School maintenance degrees, courses and certifications:

  • High school diploma from an accredited school of the state.
  • Diploma course in maintenance works such as plumbing, carpentry, wiring, repair, installation, troubleshooting etc are often compulsory requirements for one to get into this job.
  • Coursework in maintenance of sidewalks, parking lots, grounds keeping equipment, school grounds maintenance.
  • Training in school maintenance procedures and coursework related to handling tools and equipments.

 School maintenance qualifications and training:

A person who is interested in becoming a school maintenance incharge must be aware of the fact that a school requires care and maintenance on a regular basis as it is inhabited by children of all age groups. Thus proper training of this field is required by the interested in candidates. He/she must be responsible and dedicated to the duties at hand. He must be educated enough to maintain logs and check lists for the maintenance related work.

School maintenance colleges and universities:

School maintenance wages and salaries:

The average salary of a school maintenance incharge in around $43000 per annum.

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