School Certificate Requirements

School certificate requirements refer to the various processes that are involved in the procurement of a high school leaving certificate that shows the student has passed his high school exams. It is usually issued by the board of education of that particular state to which the school is affiliated to or by a national education body if the school is part of a central education board. In order to get the school certificate, the student must display good behaviour and have a good record in school and most importantly, clear tests in different subjects. Some of these subjects are compulsory, while others are elective. Depending on the combined performance in all the subjects, the student is granted a school certificate.

When is one eligible for a school certificate?

The board of education grants the students a school certificate under the following conditions:

  • The student must study in a government or accredited private school
  • He/she must clear the exams related to the curriculum selected by the board
  • Students must work hard and show consistent performance throughout the year
  • They must show good behaviour and character

What are the subjects one must clear to get a school certificate?

The mandatory subjects that a student must clear to get a school certificate are:

  • English or any other main language
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Science

The elective subjects may differ from place to place but usually consist of:

  • Geography
  • Advanced Math
  • Computer
  • Fine Arts
  • Second language
  • Physical education

Credits from these subjects are added together to get the total marks. Students can add more elective subjects if they can handle it. This combined marks is the most important requirement for getting a school certificate.

When is a student refused a school certificate?

  • If a student fails to clear the basic subjects and the curriculum created by the board
  • If a student cheats during the exams
  • If the student is not diligent and hardworking

Students may sit for the exams again or appeal to the board of education if they are not granted the school certificate.

What is the importance of a school certificate?

Schools certificates are an important document in most countries as it is the first major exam cleared by the student. Based on his performance here, he will get admission in higher education institutes who demand to see the original or an attested copy of the school certificate.

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