School Bus Driver Education Requirements

A school bus driver in an individual whose job is to drive a school bus, pick /drop the students and the teachers to /from the school and houses. A school bus driver plays an important role in the transportation and has a job of a lot of responsibility.

If a person wishes to get a job as a school bus driver, he must fulfill certain basic requirements such as possessing a bus driver’s license of the state, having knowledge of traffic rules etc. Any individual working as a school bus driver must consider the safety of the passengers of the bus as his main duty and priority.

A school bus driver must also be thorough with the routes and directions of the entire city so that he can perform his task properly and on time. The following is a brief about the various requirements for a school bus driver to satisfy

School Bus Driver Education Requirements:

  • A person who wishes to become a school bus driver might not require any specific educational requirements but should complete a formal training which equips them with practical knowledge, instructions, rules of the state, traffic regulations etc.
  • One must also be aware of the local language of the city or town so as to read the traffic signs etc.
  • A school bus driver must possess a commercial driver’s license which should be obtained by the transportation department of the state.
  • An interested candidate must also obtain a school bus endorsement and also a passenger endorsement which is regulated by the state’s transportation department.

School Bus Driver Degrees Courses And Certificates:

School Bus Driver Qualifications And Training:

A person who wishes to become a school bus driver must be a trained and qualified driver with training on parking, responding to emergencies, turning and controlling the bus etc.

School Bus Driver Colleges And Universities:

School Bus Driver Wages And Salaries:

The average salary of a school bus driver is around $31000.

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