School Administrator Education Requirements

School administrator education requirements refer to the qualifications and training that a person must have in order to work as a school administrator. A school, like any other organization, has certain administrative duties that need to be performed besides imparting knowledge to the students.

It has an office which has to undertake number of tasks like making the budget, hiring teachers, maintain records of students and employees, keep records of the fees and make decisions on the functioning of the school. A person working in this position must have the right organizational skills and knowledge of the different matters related to handling the clerical duties of an educational institute.

School Administrator Education Requirements:

  • You should keep good grades throughout your academic career and you can start by studying to be a teacher, since most school administrators are first teachers
  • You can get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in education administration, after which you can specialize in a particular type of education setting
  • Most states also require you to complete a licensing process and for that you will need to appear for a test

School Administrator Degrees, Courses And Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as school administrator can choose to study the following courses:

  • Bachelor degree in Education Administration
  • Master degree in Education Administration
  • Doctoral degree in Education Administration

School Administrator Qualification And Training:

After finishing your studies, you have to get a license to be able to work in most states and the school may also train you on various areas like school laws, ethics, finance, school community relationship, teacher recruitment and so on.

School Administrator Colleges And Universities:

School Administrator Wages And Salaries:

The average annual salary in this field is $42,000 for pre-school administrators and higher level administrators at secondary and post-secondary level get over $80,000 a year.

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