Satellite Technician Education and Job Requirements

Satellite Technician Requirements

Satellite technicians install, repair, and upgrade machines related to satellite communications. They should have expertise in television channel connections, digital and analytical signalling, and setting up satellite communications. Mostly the work is done at the customer end. Satellite technicians can be self employed, or work in a satellite repair shop. They need to have strong fundamentals in technical aspects of satellite telecommunications and must possess a license too to operate as a Satellite Technician. If you aspire to become a Satellite technician, please keep the following education and job requirements in mind.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates should at least complete their high school training.
  • Community colleges provide training on electronics and electrical systems. So candidates can opt for streams in electrical, electronics and telecommunication engineering.
  • Candidates can alternatively complete their high school and get certification in satellite telecommunications.
  • Candidates must also possess valid license to operate as a Satellite technician.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates will be expected to work even on weekends and holidays, because customers need to be at home during the repair or installation so they must be ready to work in shifts and at off hours.
  • Satellite technicians must possess good communication skills, ability to understand the customer’s requirement, and good analytical skills to test and repair the machine.
  • Candidates should have customer service orientation.
  • Applicants should also be physically fit to carry wires, batteries, and other heavy objects.
  • Applicants must be well aware of all kinds of satellite telecommunications systems and should be able to repair them with ease.

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