SASO Certificate Requirements

SASO Certificate is required by the exporters who intend to export their products to Saudi Arabia. SASO is the short for Saudi Arabian Standards Organization and all the products that are exported to Saudi Arabia must meet the quality parameter set by this organization. There are a number of product categories and the requirement for obtaining SASO certificate for different product categories is different. This article covers the requirements that one needs to fulfill in order to get the SASO Certificate.

Requirements for obtaining SASO Certificate

  • The first thing that you need to do is to understand as to which category the products to be exported by you fall under. You can determine the product category by seeking help from a consulting firm.
  • There are different forms available for different product categories. You are required to purchase a suitable form and fill it to submit to SASO. You need to be careful while filling the form as any cutting or overwriting may result in the rejection of the form.
  • You then need to apply to the consulting firm based on the product’s category.
  • You are required to follow the certification process which is set for sending the product samples for testing.
  • You are also required to submit the documents needed by SASO along with the testing samples.
  • There is one form that needs to be filled at the time of shipment. In order to ensure that the shipment is done smoothly you need to be very careful while filling and signing this form.
  • Once the product has been shipped you need to wait for the product testing to happen and keep a track of the declaration of the testing result. Testing of the product is done as per the SASO standards.
  • Once your product sample qualifies the test, you would be provided the SASO certificate.

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