SAS Programming Education Requirements

A person who does SAS programming which is also known as statistical analysis system in a company takes care of data management and analysis of the company through the means of SAS institute’s software. Hence a person working as a SAS programmer must have a good knowledge of handling spreadsheets software and databases by the means of computer. The SAS programmer helps in analyzing the company’s status by maintaining the records and statistically analyzing and representing them.

Educational requirements for a person who wants to be a SAS programmer must include computer sciences in their degree and can also have a bachelor’s degree in statistics or mathematics. The candidate should be good in analyzing company’s condition and representing them through the means of reports and presentations. A course work for SAS programming includes knowledge of databases, probability, analysis and statistical modeling.

SAS Programming Education Requirements:

  • The candidate must have a high school diploma with economics and mathematics as the main subject.
  • Further the candidates can enroll in courses related to computer science and statistics.
  • Candidates aiming for SAS programming should be proficient in economics and accounts, and must be good with handling computer software databases.

SAS Degree, Courses and Certifications:

Candidates opting for the career of SAS programming should have the following degrees and certifications. They can also enroll for certain courses which are given as follows:

  • High school diploma.
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer sciences program or statistics.
  • Industry related degree program
  • One opting for financial industry can go for courses related to economics and computers
  • The candidate must acquire a certified base programmer credential.
  • After giving an exam a candidate can attain certified advanced programmer credential.
  • The candidate may also go for online SAS programming training programs which train them about handling statistical software’s.

SAS Programming Qualification and Training:

Students aiming for SAS programming can work as interns in financial industries and further they need to upgrade their knowledge about data analyzing, statistical presentations, SAS software programs and should know how to create reports for the companies. SAS programming intern may be asked to practice under a data analyst and may also have overlapping job responsibilities with them.

SAS Programming Colleges and Universities

SAS Programming Wages and Salaries:

On an average the salary of the person working in the post of SAS programming ranges from $53,421 to $ 53, 631. The salary also varies depending upon the experience of the candidate.

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