SAP Consultant Education Requirements

The SAP or Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing Consultant is a professional who handles software that manages the main business operations. These are concerned with human resources, financials and logistics. There are various duties and responsibilities that range from personnel, financial production, cost accounting and more. There is also the specific SAP product management domain that must be followed.

In order to become a SAP consultant one must obtain the SAP certification courses that range from associate, ranks and professional. Along with it, the consultant must also have adequate knowledge of SAP testing. This involves basic testing knowledge of unit and system integration testing. This knowledge could be easily obtained through SAP certification course and experience.

Sap Consultant Education Requirements:

  • Basic High school diploma with average GDP
  • College degree for undergraduate education in any field preferably in accounting and business management and business administration.
  • Certification from SAP is crucial. Candidates must pass all levels in order to qualify for employment.

Sap Consultant Degrees, Courses, and Certification:


  • Application Certification and Technology Certification: Focus is given to Architecture, Associate Technology, Professional Enterprise Architect, Platform Technology, Consultant Enterprise Portal and Management and Collaboration of Knowledge.
  • SAP Engineering Technology Certification: Expertise in integration, software management and software control.
  • Development Certification: Focus on Netweaver Portal and Process Integration, Development Associate and Development Professional

Sap Consultant Qualification and Training:

There are nine training levels when it comes to training certification from SAP. These allow the programmer to gain expert knowledge about SAP and provide adequate service to several customers. At each level, there will be rigorous testing before one becomes a SAP consultant. It is important to gain experience in this field since the training is more important.

Sap Consultant Schools and Colleges

Sap Consultant Wages and Salaries:

SAP consultant wages vary from $56,000 to $77,600 per annum.

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