Sales Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Sales Trainee Requirements

A sales trainee’s post is always in high demand, and almost every type of company, irrespective of size or the nature of products or service, requires competent sales trainees. A sales trainee, as the name suggests, specializes in learning and applying management skills in the segment of marketing and sales. He/she has the responsibilities to support the sales team to sell the brand of the company where he/she works. The following points would reveal more about the education and job requirements for this vacancy.

Education Requirements:

  • A graduation in any stream.
  • A master’s degree in sales and marketing is a big advantage.
  • Certified training in sales is a big plus.

Job Requirements:

  • An experience of 6 months will put the candidate in a good position.
  • He must be able to apply innovative techniques and fresh concepts while marketing the products and services.
  • Should be able to maintain the current customer base.
  • Must have the expertise to increase the customer base, and be able to attract new investors.
  • Must be able to assimilate ideas with the core sales team.
  • If required, should be ready to commit door-to-door sales activities.
  • The candidate must be dynamic enough to meet the weekly and monthly targets.

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