Sales Management Education Requirements

Sales and marketing is an important aspect of each and every business in any of the existing industries all around the world. It is a universal concept irrespective of the business type in which the respective firm deals. The system of sales management has a wide scope and coverage. It is hence required that any and every firm meets the appropriate personnel requirement for the purpose of sales management.

Any individual employed at the position as a sales management executive may be required to carry on a variety of tasks such as staff management, customer management, problem solving etc. These individuals must thus have undergone a certain number or level standard educational parameters. They must also possess a set of skills peculiar to sales management.

Sales Management Education requirements:

  • A basic high school education is essential.
  • A bachelors’ education, the subjects for major includes a wide variety of options for those who wish to enter sales management. Though there are a few preferred subjects such as business management, marketing, economics, accounts etc.
  • A masters’ education, the subjects for major again includes a wide variety of options. This is because of the wide scope of the field i.e. sales management. Though unlike a bachelors those pursuing master with a goal to enter sales management may opt for subjects such as business administration, business management, marketing techniques, staff management etc.

Sales Management Degree, Courses and Certifications:

  • The high school transcripts provided by the respective high school.
  • Bachelor in Business Management and/ or Marketing Management.
  • Business Management and Administration Certification.
  • Bachelor in Business Economics
  • Sales Management and Marketing Diploma
  • Retail Management Diploma, Introduction to Sales Diploma.
  • Masters of Business Administration (Marketing Management).
  • Masters in Business Economics/ Masters in Business Ethics (Marketing/ Sales Management).

Sales Management Qualifications and Training

  • All major firms/ entities looking to fill the position of a sales management executive require the individual to have some minimum work experience.
  • There are also a few firms which may have an arrangement of providing the new recruits with on the job training.

Sales Management Colleges and Universities:

Sales Management Wages and Salaries:

The salary for those employed at the position of a sales management executive may vary anywhere from $35,000 to $50,000. The salary structure of sales management professional mainly depends upon the type of organization the candidate works for and his job profile.


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