Sales Education Requirements

Sales in a part and parcel of all industries. On the basis of the sales figures all the industries run. The numbers and the number crunching make it a better deal to work in the field of sales. The jobs consist of selling products and services by various means which may not be push selling always. The different job roles are designed for the different industries and thus they are also different in nature. They can be field based jobs, outsourced jobs and then they can be back office jobs too.

The job roles as per hierarchy are sales associate, sales representative, manager, retail salesman, consultant, assistant and many others. There are those jobs in different industries like that of the medical representative in the pharmaceutical industry, a salesman in almost all industries and many more. The educational qualifications for being in the sales field are as follows:

  • Candidate should have a graduation degree in the field of commerce
  • Candidate should be a major in business administration
  • Candidate should have major in sales and marketing
  • Candidate should have professional certification in sales

Thus the education requirements in the filed of sales depends upon the type of work profile and the post.

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