Sales Director Education and Job Requirements

Sales Director Requirements

As the name suggest, the role of the sales director bears paramount importance to a company. Sale is the main activity via which the business earns its revenues. The sales director has to manage a host of responsibilities like supervising the marketing department of the company and designing and incorporating innovative advertising strategies for the goods and/or services of the business entity. He/she has to keep a tab on the performance of the employees and document the progress of the staff and the dynamics of the revenue earnings from sales. He/she has to prioritize meeting of the sales targets and delivering the best.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school diploma in any stream, though commerce would be preferable, with decent grades.
  • A bachelor’s degree in management studies or in marketing or commerce from a reputed college with decent grades is mandatory.
  • A graduate degree in management studies from a reputed university with specialization in sales and marketing is highly sought.
  • Certified training in sales assignments and marketing projects from accredited institutes is of great advantage for the concerned candidate.

Job Requirements:

  • Prioritizing the monthly targets of sales revenue for the functioning and the growth of the business.
  • Formulating innovative marketing strategies for the sale of the company products and instructing the subordinates accordingly.
  • Evaluating the performance of the departmental employees and suggesting for improvement.
  • Maintaining the standard of the sales concepts and incorporating newer policies.
  • Must be documenting the regular operations.
  • Should be sincere and hardworking.

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