Sales Associate’s Education and Job Requirements

Sales Associate’s Requirements

Sales associate are those people whose primary function is to create interest in the minds of the people regarding the product of their company. They demonstrate the product and explain to the customers its relative advantage over other competitive products and pursue them to buy the product. They also answer all types of questions which a customer might have in their min. They are in fact regarded as the frontline sales people who are the real pillars of an organization’s sales team. The openings of sales associate are numerous, but the salary and perks are initially not too high initially. They tend to increase once a person moves up the corporate ladder

Sales Associate’s  Educational Requirements

  • Candidates should have a high school diploma
  • Candidates should have a bachelors degree preferably in marketing
  • Candidates with previous work experience will be preferred.

Sales Associate’s Job Requirements

  • Applicant should have a certain degree of authority and sense of conviction in his approach while dealing with customers
  • Applicant should have very good interpersonal skills which is very important for a sales associate.
  • Applicant should be patient and should be a good listener. Only a good listener can understand the customer’s requirement and serve him well.

The job of a sales associate is very strenuous and candidates who apply for this position should be prepared to deal with stress as a part of their job

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