Sales Assistant Education and Job Requirements

Sales Assistant Requirements

Selling is the major operation of any business to garner revenues for smooth functioning and a sustainable growth. A sales assistant essentially provides his/her senior the technical assistance in marketing and selling the goods and/or services of the company. The sales assistant needs to think of fresh marketing strategies and implement those in advertising the company products. It is important for the sales assistant to increase the customer base of the business. He/she also needs to document the day to day operational activities centered on selling of the goods and services. The sales assistant also has to coordinate with the fellow executives to implement the marketing measures in a more wholesome manner.

Education Requirements:

  • A degree in high school in any stream with decent grades is a must.
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited educational institute in sales and marketing or in general management studies is highly sought.
  • A master’s degree from a well known university in business administration with sales and marketing as specialization would be a huge impetus for the candidate’s profile.
  • Certified training in sales and marketing-centric activities from a reputed organization would be a big plus.

Job Requirements:

  • The interested applicants should have excellent communication skills – both in speaking and writing.
  • The candidate must have an analytic mind for marketing the products and implement fresh advertising strategies in selling the products of the company.
  • Should be able to pertinently follow the instructions of his/her seniors.
  • Must document the sales related activities on a regular basis.

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