Sales Analyst Education and Job Requirements

Sales Analyst Requirements

The job of a sales analyst includes collection, analysis and reporting of sales related information in an ongoing process of sales productivity enhancement of an organization. Keeping the present economic condition under consideration his job is to evaluate and record the overall sales performance. Apart from this he is also responsible for preparing promotions, creates standardized and custom reports and provides assistance to the retailers. His key function is to understand the business and implementing proper decisions for achieving future needs.

Education Requirements

  • The candidate must be a graduate from the related field.
  • Masters in business administration or business management is highly preferable.
  • Additional knowledge of computer which can be utilized for handling accounts is highly appreciable.

Job Requirements

  • A candidate must possess the ability to carry out the task of complicated analysis like cannibalization, regression and forecasting.
  • Strong and profound knowledge in computer basics like excel, PowerPoint and word along with expert knowledge in computer programming related to database management is generally looked for by the recruiters.
  • Should be an expert in handling issues related to relational database.
  • Must posses a strong communication skill and quality of motivating people. As because in the field of sales motivating other is an important task to pervade the business.
  • Should have a strong analytical skill so that determining the sales process and reports become easier.

Hence for the position of a sales analyst these are the certain education and job requirements which are looked for by the recruiters.

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