Rowing Education and Job Requirements

Rowing Requirements

Rowing is a very interesting profession for people who love to row. Rowing requires the athlete to acquire the leg control of a speed skater, the back strength of a weight lifter, the stamina of a marathon runner, the reflexes of a jogger, and the steadiness of a skate boarder. One needs to use the muscles of the entire body for rowing. The candidate needs to have holistic analysis of the rowing stroke, specific fault identification, coaching advice and the best practice modeling. One needs to be dedicated and hard working towards making rowing as his profession and become a champion in rowing.

Educational Requirement

  • One need to have a master degree in that specific field and a huge preference is given to master’s degree.
  • One must have done some athletics courses and they should be committed to success in this profession.
  • High moral standards; demonstrated knowledge of Division III philosophy; and an extensive knowledge of rowing is must to become a professional in rowing.
  • Participation in rowing championship at any level is needed.

Job Requirements

  • One must have a good track record in rowing with extensive years of experience.
  • The candidate must be willing to face challenges and he should be able to perform under severe pressure.
  • He must have won championship at school or college level which is mandatory.
  • Winning any state or national level championship would be added advantage.
  • He must have some experience in physical training and disaster management to avoid any miss happening while rowing in water.

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