Roofer Education Requirements

Roofer is basically a professional skilled in crafting roofs for houses, offices and other building structures. He is required to fix roofs and also repair or replace them as per his client’s requirement. A roofer needs to see to it that the roofs designed by him are safe. It is his duty to ensure that good building material is used in constructing the roofs.

Good quality material helps in keeping the roofs safe from rains; using low quality material may make the roofs leaky during rains thus making causing heavy damage to the furniture and wood work in the house. It is essential to take appropriate training for getting into this field; the details for which are mentioned below.

Roofer Education Requirements:

  • One must attain a high school diploma. Candidates having scored good grades in mathematics stand a better chance to excel as a roofer.
  • It is recommended to join a relevant course preferably that in woodwork or woodshop helps in understanding the way the building designs are to be constructed.

Roofer Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • After attaining good grades in high school it is recommended to go for a course in woodshop or woodwork. These courses help in understand the use of various tools and equipments used in crafting roofs.
  • A short term course in mechanical drawing is also recommended for candidates aspiring to become a roofer.
  • There is no specific degree course that one needs to undergo.

Roofer Qualification and Training:

A three year apprenticeship program is offered by United Union of Roofers for those aspiring to become a roofer. Certain organizations also provide on the job training to their employees

Roofer Colleges and Universities

Roofer Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary of a roofer is around $34,000. The salary may differ based on the organization you are employed at and also the city you are working in.

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