Roller Coaster Designer Education Requirements

A roller coaster designer is essentially a civil engineer, mechanical engineer or a structural engineer with a penchant for roller coasters. A roller coaster designer requires great knowledge in engineering and years of hard work as a student. Jobs in this field are limited, so it is always better to have contacts. A roller coaster designer requires designing skills which includes 3D designing and CAD designing to create models for their creations and visualise their designs.

A roller coaster designer can design the whole roller coaster, supervise the designs, build specific parts or make changes. Also, roller coaster designers design other structures when they are not designing roller coasters. To become a roller coaster designer, one needs to have an intense love for roller coasters and have to study them independently. One can intern with roller coaster designers or amusement park rides designers; also, one can spend time in amusement parks studying roller coasters. That is also one of the first steps taken to build contacts.

Roller Coaster Designer Education Requirements:

  • There is no separate engineering degree to become a roller coaster designer.
  • A roller coaster designer is an engineer first and then a roller coaster designer. It is thus important to earn an engineering degree first and then move on to designing. Understanding the physics of the roller coasters movements is an important aspect of its design.
  • One must also have strong engineering drawing skills which will help in creating the designs on paper and then reproducing them on the computer through CAD designing or 3D modelling.
  • Heavy hands on experience is required to qualify for the job of a roller coaster designer.

Roller Coaster Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • High School Diploma(subjects-algebra, trigonometry, geometry, physics, calculus)
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical/ Civil/ Structural engineering.
  • Masters in Technology/ (electrical, structural, civil) Engineering.

Roller Coaster Qualifications and Training:

  • Obtaining a degree in engineering with accreditation by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology gives engineering students skills to become roller coaster designers.
  • Students are taught structural designing and computer designing to enable the digital production of designs.

Roller Coaster Designer Colleges and Universities:

Roller Coaster Designers Wages and Salaries:

Roller coaster designing is a lucrative job as it rakes in large sums when it becomes popular and successful. Salaries range from $49,000 pa and go up to $120,000. Most of the successful designers in this field can earn between $60,000 and $90,000 pa.

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