Roller-Coaster Designer Education Requirements

The roller coaster designers are engineers who have to formulate and build the different portions of a roller coaster. He is the fundamental to such a construction. There is a need for the candidate to be qualified in terms of academics in structural, electronic, or mechanical engineering in graduate and post graduate levels. Licensing is another important aspect of this job which is an absolute necessity in terms of getting employed. There are a lot of complex processes involved in building the different rides of an amusement park which the designer has to take care. There is also the additional task of handling the design team working under him. There are different types of roller coasters used and one has to ensure safety of the public who will be riding it.

Roller-coaster Designer Education Requirements

  • There are no specific roller coaster courses that colleges or universities offer. However engineering courses at the graduate level is very important and should be taken up for the obvious reasons of understanding constructional design.
  • Master’s degrees of engineering courses also are available and one could add mathematics, physics and drafting courses as well. These help in better understanding of system dynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer which are required for roller coaster construction.
  • Licensure is required for such a job but this varies from state to state.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Structural Engineering, Mechanical or Constructional Engineering.
  • Master’s degree in Structural Engineering, Mechanical or Constructional Engineering.
  • Licensure from the specified state for Roller Coaster Construction.

Roller-coaster Designer Degrees, Courses and Certification

Roller-coaster Designer Qualifications and Training

Training is provided along with the educational course and license program. It helps in understanding the crucial requirements of the roller coaster design and the steps needed for its implementation.

Roller-coaster Designer Colleges and Universities

Roller Coaster Designer Wages and Salaries

The salary of a roller coaster designer per year is around $78,900.

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