Risk Analyst Education Requirements

A risk analyst is someone who works with companies to identify and recognize any financial risk that may be associated with their investments and business costs. They are usually hired by financial institutions like banks and investment firms or they work as private consultants.

The educational requirements of this position must be such that the candidates are given knowledge of various financial matters, about the economy, accounting, global investment trends etc. He should also be able to read statistical reports, make forecasts, do research, collect financial data, create financial reports and examine all the risk factors before providing their solutions to the client company.

Risk Analyst Education Requirements:

  • You need to get a bachelor’s degree in finance related field like business management, accounting, statistics, risk management etc
  • Most candidates also go for a master’s degree and the areas studied in this level are investment planning, probability, credit risk management etc
  • One can also go for additional specialized courses on hedging and derivatives, investment statistics and quantitative risk management

Risk Analyst Degrees, Courses And Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a risk analyst can choose to study the following courses:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Management
  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance
  • Master’s degree in Risk Management
  • Master’s degree in Business Administration — Finance
  • Associate’s degree in Accounting
  • MBA in Financial Analysis

Risk Analyst Qualification And Training:

The candidates must keep themselves up to date on the latest financial trends and be abreast of the economic conditions so that he can identify the risk factors and give sound advice to his clients. He should hone his analytical and research skills too.

Risk Analyst Colleges And Universities:

Risk Analyst Wages And Salaries:

A risk analyst gets an average salary of $103,000 a year but with more experience and depending on which company has hired him, he can get nearly $150,000 a year too

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