Restaurant Server Education Requirements

A Restaurant Server education must be geared towards providing such a person with the requisite skills and the knowledge about the fine dining, food combinations etc. because this job requires servers not only to attend customers but suggest them the food combination to enhance their dining experience. A Restaurant Server may or may not have graduation degree in the field or in a related field for casual eating joints, but to be employed in the fine restaurants the candidate should at least possess a bachelor’s degree in the related field.

Apart from a formal education, Restaurant Servers must also undergo the necessary training which will enhance their knowledge. This can only be gathered through the educational courses that Restaurant Servers have to undertake as well as through vocational courses which are also mandatory sometimes.

Restaurant Server Educational Requirements:

  • A Restaurant Server must be a graduate from a food, beverage or hospitality school for applying job in the fine restaurants.
  • Knowledge of different languages can be an additional advantage.
  • Diplomas in food and beverage, hospitality, hotel management etc are also useful for the job, but are not mandatory.


Restaurant Server Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A Restaurant Server must attain the following degrees and certificates to boost his resume and progress in his job:

  • High school diploma with good marks.
  • Bachelor’s in Hospitality and Hotel management.
  • Diploma in food and beverage.

Restaurant Server Qualifications and Training:

A Restaurant Server must attain the required skills through hands on training and experience while working. Such training is not provided as part of the educational curriculum of the Restaurant Server but can be attained while working.

Since there is no mandatory requirement of formal education in the field to pursue the career of a restaurant server, but the candidate should have a pleasing personality, good presentation skills and basic knowledge of the food and food combinations that he can suggest to customers which will enhance their dining experience in the restaurant. A restaurant server should always look neat and organized, and should be well behaved. His personality is an inseparable part of his job.

Restaurant Server Colleges and Universities:

Restaurant Server Wages and Salary:

A Restaurant Server can earn anything within the range $20,000 to $40,000. This can vary of course depending on the nature of the work, the firm in which the Restaurant Server works and the kind of progress he displays in his chosen field.

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