Restaurant Management Education Requirements

A restaurant manager is a person who is appointed by a restaurant owner to look after the overall maintenance and management of a restaurant. Any restaurant comprises of many different aspects such as food, catering, servicing, quality, ambience, cleanliness etc. It is hence essential for a proper restaurant management system. Those who are employed for the position of restaurant management must have acquired a certain set of skills and educational qualifications.

There are many aspects to the task of restaurant management such as floor management (i.e. managing the staff on floor0, kitchen management (i.e. managing the workers in the kitchen) etc. to avoid any sort of problems or chaos in the operations of the restaurant.

Restaurant Management Education requirements:

  • A basic high school education is essential.
  • A bachelors’ education in the sciences relating to hotel management, restaurant management, hospitality, event management etc. These are the preferred subjects of education for those entering the field of restaurant management.
  • A masters’ education in science of restaurant and hotel management, or in hospitality methods, pricing management, event management etc. These are specific to those willing to enter the business of restaurants or hotel managements.

Restaurant Management Degree, Courses and Certifications:

  • The high school transcripts from the respective institute with subject composition including management or economics, accounts etc.
  • Bachelors in restaurant management, Bachelor in hotel front office management, Bachelors in hotel convention and management.
  • Associate in restaurant manager.
  • The individual may pursue certificate in hotel and restaurant manager, certificate in catering management.
  • Diploma in hospitality and restaurant business management from accredited institute.
  • Diploma in culinary arts and restaurant ownership from accredited institute.

Restaurant Management Qualifications and Training

  • An individual with some minimum experience in the restaurant management is a pre-requisite for many or most employers. Though this may not be essential for some employers.
  • Some of the employers may offer the recruits an on the job training, where one of the senior officials train the new recruits.
  • Most institutes which provide education in asset management require for the students to undergo a training period during the course of the education.

Restaurant Management Colleges and Universities:

Restaurant Management Wages and Salaries:

The salary of a restaurant manager differs with a lot of factors. For example an individual managing a restaurant is also the owner may be paid high amounts. But the general salary level for those employed at the managerial position for a restaurant varies anywhere between $35,000 and $55,000.

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