Restaurant Dishwasher Education and Job Requirements

Restaurant Dishwasher Requirements

The credit for clean and neat cutlery along with all other tableware goes to the restaurant dishwasher. The dishwasher has the responsibility of keeping all the cookware and utensils used for cooking and even those used to serve food to the customers clean and hygienic. The job role of a restaurant dishwasher is very strenuous with not enough leaves or requirement to work even on Sundays and Holidays as per the restaurant requirements.

Educational Requirements:

  • Though there are no specific educational qualifications required to become a restaurant dishwasher, the acquisition of a health certificate that certifies him free from any contagious diseases is desirable by most of the restaurants.
  • Additionally the candidate should be one that has good stamina and strength to lift heavy dishes and vessel baskets.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate should be a person who believes in personal hygiene and also takes good care of the tableware from breakage.
  • The candidates with good physical strength and stamina to perform hard job will be preferred.
  • The candidates that have experience in handling delicate cutlery and tableware will be given preference.
  • The candidate must be willing to work for long hours in a kitchen that may be hot, damp or have a noisy surrounding.
  • The candidate must be willing to work in any shift allocated.
  • The candidate must be willing to work even on Sundays and Holidays and take a weekly off on any other day as specified by the restaurant management.
  • The candidates willing to work full time will be preferred.

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