Restaurant Cook Education Requirements

A restaurant cook is someone who cooks various dishes, ‘preps’ or prepares the ingredients before they are put in the dishes, coordinates with other cooks in the kitchen etc. His duties are same as a chef but the major difference between a cook and chef is that he does not have a formal educational background in the culinary field.

Unlike chef he has not been awarded any degree but a cook learns the ropes of the job by working in the kitchen of the restaurant and gradually making his way to the top. The educational requirements of a restaurant cook is not a lot and if you are interested in this field, you just need to start working in a restaurant and get more hands on experience and training under a head chef.

Restaurant Cook Education Requirements:

  • Most sous chefs have only a high school degree or its equivalent and have some experience in cooking if there are optional cooking or baking classes in his school
  • You can get a diploma in cooking from a community college, technical school or vocational school which provides some training in this field
  • Work for a fast food corner, trailer or restaurant and get experience in how to handle different responsibilities in a kitchen
  • Do an apprenticeship program under a chef who will give you training on how to cook and manage various aspects of running a restaurant

Restaurant Cook Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The candidates who look forward to pursue their career as a restaurant cook can choose to pursue the following courses:

  • High School degree
  • Diploma in culinary skills
  • Associate’s degree in cooking
  • Associate’s degree in Food Management

Restaurant Cook Qualification and Training:

A restaurant cook does not have or need a lot of qualifications to get this position and as long he is interested in cooking and has good organizational skills he can get hope to get a position in a restaurant. But he must get trained under an established chef because he does not have any formal educational training. If he works for a particular number of hours in the restaurant, he can apply for culinary school and there are some places which even sponsor the education

Restaurant Cook Colleges and Universities:

Restaurant Cook Wages and Salaries:

The average annual salary of a restaurant cook is around $40,000 but someone with more experience may get over $50,000 a year even if he does not have a many formal qualifications.

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