Respiratory Therapist College Requirements

In order to become a respiratory therapist you need to acquire a relevant degree. There are quite a few colleges and universities that offer courses which educate and train you to become a respiratory therapist. However, not everyone can get admission in this degree course. There is a certain admission criterion which the respiratory therapist colleges follow. Students are screened on a number of things and only when they fulfill all the required conditions are they given the admission. The respiratory therapist college requirements are mentioned in detail in this article.

Requirements for admission in the Respiratory Therapist College

Before we get to the requirements for admission to this college it is essential to know that the program designed for respiratory therapist is a competitive one. Taking admission in a Respiratory therapist program can be quite tough. It is also important to know that even if you get admission to one such college it does not mean that you would be able to grab a seat in the program’s clinical components.

  • These colleges provide admission to the candidates as a pre-respiratory therapist student.
  • As a pre-respiratory therapist the student is required to work with his advisor and he would then apply to the program’s core or clinical component.
  • In most of the colleges it is suggested to meet the program director before submitting the clinical program application.
  • One also requires shadowing experience. This is needed within 24 months before submitting the application for clinical program.
  • The applications must be submitted within the given deadline.
  • The applications received from various candidates are screened and few of these are short listed. The candidates whose applications are short listed are then called to the college campus for personal behavioral interview.
  • Based on the candidate’s performance in the interview he/she is given the clinical admission.
  • The candidate also needs to submit all the required documents.

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