Research Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Research Trainee Requirements

A research trainee has a range of tasks to look after. The common case is he/she has to perform is both qualitative and quantitative research and focus on the application of the available theories, creating new theories and upgrading old theories. It requires an exhaustive knowledge of the subject in which the research trainee specializes. The key to the success of a research trainee/s work is to think innovatively and apply the knowledge in the most effective manner. The following points would tell more about the education and job requirements of the research trainee.

Education Requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree in any stream with at least a second class honors.
  • A master’s degree in any stream with at least a second class honors.
  • Certified training in basic software packages is a big plus.
  • Having standard quantitative skills is desirable.

Job Requirements:

  • The interested candidates must have an analytical frame of mind and a strong knack of extensively assessing the cases according to their weights.
  • Should be able to quickly interpret the results and document the findings and conclusions on a regular basis.
  • Must be a sincere team player and be able to work overtime, when required.
  • Should exhibit prowess in qualitative analysis.

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