Research Statistician Education and Job Requirements

Research Statistician Requirements

A Research Statistician is one who prepares statistical records of the various aspects of the respective research project. It is his job to analyze the technicalities of the project, administer the operation of the data processing system, and determine appropriate statistical procedures for research data analysis, both pre and post execution of project. Such an interesting job profile finds application in numerous fields, like, market research, medicine, agriculture, computer applications, etc. The work of a research statistician involves a lot of analysis, creation, maintenance of records, keeping updates and retrieving information for large data base files, along with the running of various statistical tools and using statistical modeling.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in the respective field of research.
  • Graduation in statistics, mathematics or economics is required.
  • Knowledge of computer software systems and programming is preferable.
  • Postgraduates in corresponding fields will have an added advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • The applicant must have good analytical skills, required for statistical analysis, for generating appreciable turnover of the project.
  • Interested candidates must be thorough in interpreting results and coordinating all fields of work properly.
  • An application-oriented mindset is expected in a statistician’s profile.
  • Experimental designs should be so created to compete with the market structure, after having determined the pros and cons of the project by preparing all possible statistical combinations.
  • Candidates need to have good communication skills to deal with domestic as well as overseas clients.
  • Establishment and maintenance of effective working environment is expected from candidates.

With the above qualities, a person is sure to qualify as a research statistician.

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