Research Nurse Education and Job Requirements

Research Nurse Requirements

Research Nurse Education and Job Requirements are meant to provide necessary information to interested candidates about the skills and qualifications that are needed by a person applying to become a research nurse. The job of a research nurse is to help in organising and implementing different kinds of clinical projects with care and skill. For this kind of work set up, a nurse is required to have certain specific attributes which make her different from other nurses such as neonatal nurse, nursery nurse etc.

The following points shall be helpful in giving a detailed account of the qualification and requirements.

Education Qualifications:

  • The candidate must be a graduate of an accredited nursing program from a recognised medical college.
  • Those candidates with a Registered Nurse license always stand a better chance to grab the job.
  • Two years of working experience is a must for those applying to the position of a research nurse.
  • They must possess a research certification from a recognised clinical research organisation or an advanced degree or diploma in health services research.

Job Requirements:

  • Their work may demand them to compile data of the clinic and enter them into a database therefore candidate should be a good computer user.
  • The candidate must have exceptional observation skills and must be a good team worker.
  • A research nurse should be ready for some grilling hardwork and patience.
  • Skilled in both written and verbal communication.
  • They must possess knowledge of practice and principles related to nursing care.

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