Research Nurse Education Requirements

A research nurse is a professional and registered nurse who treats patients as their subjects and conducts researches on them to find out new symptoms, understand reactions and find out more methods of treatment and care.  To work and compile clinical data and to collaborate with investigators etc. are the main duties of anyone working at this job position.

To become a research nurse and work in this field of work, any candidate must qualify by passing certain mandatory educational requirements. These educational requirements ready the candidate to deal with all the tasks and duties that may come up on the job.

A research nurse should also possess the passion for nursing as well as research and should have a natural interest in this field. The following are some of the educational requirements one needs to be a research nurse.

Research nurse Education Requirements:

  • Any person who wants to be a research nurse must first pass high school with good grades and a specialization in science based subjects including Biology.
  • The next education requirement is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in registered nurse course which provides all the knowledge and training of the field of basic nursing.
  • Some candidates may also decide to pursue further studies or specialization in one particular subject but that is not a mandatory requirement.

Research nurse Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The following are the degrees, courses and certifications which a research nurse must have before applying for the job.

  • High school diploma in science is a must have.
  • Bachelor’s degree in registered nurse course is also a mandatory qualification which one must possess to become a research nurse.
  • Certification in clinical research and a registered nurse diploma or certificate is also a must.

Research nurse Qualification and Training:

Any field or subject of research needs not just theoretical knowledge but also training and practical experience as well. Research nurses too must have sufficient amount of training and experience of nursing and research which can be obtained while studying for the licensing exam or may be gained by joining an internship in nursing at a medical institute of center.

Research nurse Colleges and Universities:

Research nurse Wages and Salaries:

Any person who works as a research nurse can expect to earn a yearly salary of $66220 but this figure may vary depending on several factors like place of employment, exact nature of research etc.

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